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Maria I. Torres
Verified Buyer
Nov 05, 2023
My friends loved it, and each were perfectly represented on the mug. Love it, love it.
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Margaret Garcia
Verified Buyer
Nov 05, 2023
I absolutely love it! My dog Max passed away on 9-7-23 and I miss him terribly! The picture looks exactly like me from behind and my dog looks exactly the same it’s uncanny! I love looking at it, brings me peace!
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Sue Beckstrom
Verified Buyer
Nov 04, 2023
Love them. Great quality, great colors Thank you!!...
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Eileen Scott
Verified Buyer
Nov 04, 2023
Baby not born at time of photo- but what a soft and beautifully made beanie! The dog patch is perfect match with clear text. It will be my “go to” baby gift topper!
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Lori Laner
Verified Buyer
Nov 03, 2023
It was a great gift to put together for my husband and place it in a frame in his semi truck!
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Vigglo New Arrivals in Personalized Gifts

At Vigglo, we’re constantly adding new arrivals to our collections for customizable & personalized gifts. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or looking for one-of-a-kind gifts, Vigglo will be the one supporting you to create gifts with your own signature. At Vigglo, there is no limit for you to have your own gifts expressing your true color.

With our New Arrivals Collection, you will get:

  • Unique customizable stuff for you or a meaningful gift for people you love.

  • Not only attractive but functional items

  • A treasured keepsake reminding you of beautiful memories

What’s more? How about your shopping experience? You will have:

  • Exclusive personalized gifts for yourselves at an affordable price.

  • Options section to preview your design before purchasing.

  • Easy-to-access payment system.

  • Dedicated online support team.

Customizable Gifts for Any Occasion

Any idea about the holiday season shopping? Get lost in the jungle of gift options on Christmas or Valentine's…? No worries,Vigglo is here to help whether you’re looking for gifts for a holiday or any special occasion.

Let's browse our tailor-made items including various options in each. You just need to choose which one suits you most and Vigglo will take care of all the rest for you.

In case you want to make your own gifts, we offer you the services of customizable mugs which allow you to use your own photos to make a unique gift. Your satisfaction is our biggest reward thus, we will do our best for you.

Choosing Your Personalized Gift Ideas

With a ton of options at Vigglo, we know you will feel like an astronaut in the ocean. So, to make it easier, begin by thinking about your gift recipient. There will be personalized gifts for your parents, best friends, or lovers on specific occasions?

Once figuring it out, let's think about their favorite things as well as which items they would like the most. Then, just browse our specific categories that meet your needs and choose the one that will satisfy both of you.

1. Names & Personalized Messages

You really make something special when the gifts include your name or recipient’s name, monogram, or a short holiday message right onto the gift.

Receiving a unique Customizable gift that only you have will be so meaningful and make their day. You can type the names or names of the recipients as well as select the quotes that you like the most.

2. Color-Changing & Type of Products

Personalized products like mugs or t-shirts are available for multi options of changing types and colors.

3. Design Your Own

Once clicking on any customizable gift in our New Arrivals collection, you will have more design options to choose from. It can be skin tones, hairstyles, pet breeds, quotes...

4. Photos

You can share with Vigglo your own photos to have a unique personalized gift.

Note: Customizable option is only available with mugs. Choose the most favorite photo and share it with us now.

Personalized Products for Your Sweet Home

Our New Arrival Collection is not just functional as gifts but as décor items. items like personalized pillows or personalized canvas would be ideal to have to decorate your living space. They can brighten your day as you’re working while also enhancing your home’s interior design style.

While you're here, be sure to check out our Holiday-themed collections, packed to the brim with stunning personalized gifts for every occasion: 

Shop meaningful personalized gifts for your loved ones: 

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